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Plasma technology and abb prevent felting character

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A few days ago, german abb institute uses plasma technology to handle wool wool below gaseous state with fabric, make its produce shrinkproof character, the AOX in avoiding emission successfully (organic matter can be absorbed in chloridize process) generate.

Woolen prevents felting effect to originate plasma oxidation effect of the surface. Fiber surface hydrophily increases, can form water film in catharsis process, the fiber of odd root depart leaves come, reduced attrition, and the high-energy particle that plasma processing produces can bombard fiber surface, make the scale of abb fiber surface is destroyed, the poor value of two-way coefficient of friction is reduced, because this is achieved,prevent felting purpose.

The achievement of institute of this Germany abb, make plasma technology has very great progress in the application in abb shrinkproof. Many active particle is contained in plasma, mix like element of electron, ionic, metastable state atomic, freedom radical, photon. The particle of scientific research sex that these have enough energy can produce quarter corrode with abb surface action and introduce contain effect of polar group of oxygen, nitric. If again colophony of dip make friends, make colophony is enclothed equably in fiber surface, farther abate woolen is directional attrition effect, thereby can more apparent ground reduces fabric felting liability.

As the day of environmental protection consciousness beneficial is strengthened, contain traditionally chloric prevent felting to arrange a method to be being restricted, be sure to be not arrange craft place chloricly to replace. Law of chloric oxidation of plasma technology, blame and enzymatic processing are the inevitable trend that prospective abb prevents felting arrange.