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Of felt of felt of the heat insolation inside the car, ground stick receive

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Adiabatic felt is made by the porous material such as useless felt, batt normally, have the following kinds with the method of joint of armor plate of automobile body lacquer: Dissolve the form of a drug is stuck receive an agent to stick receive a standard, beforehand hot frit of law of Tu Yamin glue, bubble is gooey receive a law to wait.
With chloroprene rubber model stick receive agent, butadiene styrene rubber model stick receive an agent to stick receiving adiabatic felt is automobile manufacturing industry inchoate use assembly method, can adopt the law that brush besmear, law rolling besmear or spray law to use gum, general craft requirement reachs two sides of armor plate of automobile body lacquer to part in adiabatic felt gelatinize, after air buy makes solvent volatilizes adequately, make gelatinize face superposition. Place sticks the viscosity that receives a dose to want with dissolve the form of a drug a few bigger, lest the fiber of felt of infiltration of fluid of the glue after gelatinize is medium and the surface is lost stick receive ability. Use dissolve the form of a drug is stuck receive a dose, odour is bigger, pollution of construction site air is serious, for this, a lot of automobile factories begin to use besmear the fashion that controls quick glue is stuck beforehand receive adiabatic felt.
Besmear had spoken of before the good point that approachs quick glue beforehand, here repeats no longer. At present a lot of our country manufacturer use this kind of technology, amount to car of masses of car, Shanghai like nimble of limited company of car of masses of car of red banner of company of group of the first automobile, one steam limited company Sangdana the car adiabatic felt is rear beforehand Tu Yamin is stuck receive an agent to stick receive. Adiabatic felt place is used stick receive an agent to should have good hear resistance, sticking receive strength that keeps enough inside use temperature limits, prevent to fall off the phenomenon appears.
Now, foreign automobile factory begins to use hot frit model pressure quick stick receive an agent to stick receive adiabatic felt, and can use bubble to heat up cloth of besmear of frit gelatinize machine. Machine of gelatinize of alleged bubble hot frit is glue of frit of will common heat after inert gase waiting to mix with nitrogen or carbon dioxide below fused condition again gush arrives the reverse side of adiabatic felt, apply to porous material especially stick receive. Because be epispastic model, the bulk of glue can expand 2 ~ 5 times, the quantity that use gum can decrease than general and common glue 50% the left and right sides, and the profit wet result that can improve glue, increase stick receive strength. Use heat frit is gooey receive adiabatic felt, stick receive rate fast, cost also presses quick glue than besmearing beforehand low. The preventing that because this kind is stuck,received a law to save the need in besmearing the adiabatic felt that presses quick glue is packing carry to be defeated beforehand sticks paper or keep apart film. The manufacturer such as company of Ford Motor Corporation, general motors is using this kind of means to stick receive adiabatic felt.
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